What kind of computer do I need to take FMI online courses?
Any computer - Mac or PC - with a standard broadband connection will work, as long as Flash is installed in the browser. Dial-up connections will usually not work properly for delivering the course presentation.

Can I view the course on my iPad or iPhone?
We are currently testing iPad and iPhone compatibility and hope to provide it soon.

Can I download the music examples?
The music examples are presented as part of the course presentation and are not available for download separately. Because the musical examples are often referred to during the course presentation, including short excerpts, keeping them integrated into the course presentation is necessary. The course viewer has a handy scroll bar at the bottom of the screen where you can rewind to listen to musical examples or other parts of any course lesson.

Do I get a degree or certificate when I complete the course?
We can email you a course completion certificate upon request - please contact our Support Center for this once you have completed the course. We do not offer degrees or course of study certificates currently.

Can I get a refund?
Our refund policy, as listed in the Registration Info area of the website, provides for refunds for online courses if you have not yet accessed the course and downloaded any materials.

I can't hear the musical examples well on my computer speakers - they're too small.
We highly recommend using headphones to listen to the course presentation for the best learning experience.

What about the scores and sketches?
For courses that use these, they are available once you register for the course in the COURSE DOWNLOADS area on the Course Home screen for your course. Please download the Course Orientation Guide first, then the remainder of the downloads prior to taking the course. Each lesson has a blue box in the upper right corner of the course viewer that lists the materials that should be available to you as you listen to that lesson. Please make sure that you have those score(s), sketch(es), example sheets, and any other materials listed for that lesson handy before you begin listening to the lesson. Many people print these out so they can make notes directly on the scores as the lesson is being presented.


The website says it's an expanded version of the live course. What does this mean? What material is new?
The Smalley online course is based on the live course, and much of the content is exactly the same as the live course. In some areas, including orchestration for brass and strings, because there was no time limitation as there is during the 2-day live course, Scott was able to expand his discussion of the various orchestration concepts and was able to speak in more detail about the concepts. Also, he was able to use additional examples, especially in the orchestration for brass section, that he often is not able to get to in the live class depending on the amount of time taken up in the live class answering questions.