Professional Film & TV Music Training
Online courses available on your schedule 24/7 from industry veterans
show you specific techniques, knowledge and information you can use
to take your creativity and music business skills to the next level.
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Access our state of the art online courses to get the skills and
knowledge you need from anywhere 24/7 with full access to instructors
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Welcome to The Film Music Institute

We offer state of the art professional education courses designed specifically for film and television music professionals that deliver practical skills and focus on improving your musical and music business skills.

Our training is detailed and comprehensive, and our instructors are some of the best in the business. Our online courses can be accessed from anywhere 24/7 so you can get the training you need and the skills you want in a setting that’s right for you – on your terms, and including full access to your instructors for any questions.

Online Film & TV Music Courses

Our online film & television music courses are designed to enhance your musical skills, vocabulary and creativity.

These targeted online courses focus on specific skills you can use, including orchestration and related skills, to take your music to the next level and express your creativity in new ways.

Online Music Business Courses

Our online music business courses are designed to give you the skills you need to generate and manage income, contracts, royalties and more from your music.

These online courses focus on specfic business areas and explain specific techniques that can be used by composers, songwriters and more to monetize and market your music to filmmakers, television producers, game development companies and much more.