After the NAMM Is Over…

It’s Monday. NAMM is over. So where goeth we for the coming year? Here’s a fast review for those who couldn’t make it to the Anaheim Convention Center.

Los Angeles Scoring Strings
This is a newly recorded string library in Kontakt format created by veteran Los Angeles composer Andrew Keresztes. Mr. Keresztes debuted his library at the Arts Vista booth (Hans Adamson) developers of the gorgeous Virtual Grand Piano. A price for the Los Angeles Scoring Strings has not yet been announced although Mr. Keresztes announced that it will be packaged in a Kontakt player format and accessible for edits in the Kontakt sampler. Oddly enough, Mr. Keresztes posted nothing about his library on his composer web site, instead, opting to posting on two different forums where he announced articulations, instruments and sections. For more information, you can write or visit the LASS website. (NOTE: 4,635 composers already volunteered for beta testing. Applications probably not being accepted). Best guess for release is late Q1, more likely Q2. Price TBA.

Garritan Orchestral Strings II (GOS II)
This is the long awaited update of the original GOS with the addition of solo strings packaged in the new ARIA player. Comes with 1st violin section, 2nd violin section, viola section, cello section, double-Bass section, and a full string orchestra. Each string section and solo instrument allows for an array of articulations, bowings, playing techniques and special effects.

The following articulations are included: various sustains, staccato, marcato, spiccato, martelle, pizzicato, sautille, portamento, ricochet, col legno, tremolo, trills (at various interval), and harmonics. There are avant-garde effects like harmonic glissandi (Penderecki effects) and below-the-bridge effects are included. Bow position control (sul tasto and sul ponticelli), up and down bowing, realistic legato and portamento, body/sympathetic resonance behavior modeling, adjustable noise (bow, pluck and snap noise) and controllable loose/tight articulations are also included.

Best guess for release is late Q1, more likely early Q2. Price TBA.

Across the forums the talk of the show was Silk which is now shipping. Street price is $545.00 in PLAY format. Other libraries announced included RA and Symphonic Choirs.

Vienna Symphonic Library
Vienna formally announced the release of MIR. There are two versions. First is a downloadable version for the PC due out Q2 which runs exclusively with the Vienna Instruments. Available in Q3 2009 is a stand-alone application and VST/AU plug-in for OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and Windows XP/Vista 64 systems that’s open for Vienna Instruments and any third party VSTi or other external audio signals.

VSL also announced their first hardware electronic grand piano with a space-age look called The Vienna Orchestral Piano. Check out the picture gallery for several pix. What a look! Price TBA.

IK Multimedia
IK Multimedia and Fender announced the new AmpliTube Fender Amps. Comes with a collection of 45 pieces of gear collected from the most sought after classic and modern Fender® amps (including the ’65 Twin Reverb®, ’57 Deluxe™, ’59 Bassman® LTD, ’64 Vibroverb® Custom, Super-Sonic™, Metalhead™ and many more), cabinets, stomp boxes and rack effects, AmpliTube Fender® sets a new standard for software amplifiers. There are 12 amps, 12 cabinets, six stomp effects, and six rack effects.

Scarbee joins with Alicia Keys to create new virtual piano to be marketed by the artist herself.

Hollywood Studio Brass and Woodwinds by Warp IV.

Chris Hein Horns Volume 2 were demoed by Chris at the EW booth.

While there was a lot going on, this struck me as the programs that many of us would be budgeting for in ’09. If you thought there were other noteworthy products, please add below!

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