Alexander Publishing Releases Alex North Film Scoring Series With Cues and Video Instruction

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Alexander Publishing, working with the North Family, has begun releasing the Alex North Film Scoring Series featuring newly engraved scores in concert key of actual film cues of Academy Award winning A-list composer Alex North. The first cue is Bones/Main Title running 1:34 and is 100% downloadable and printable in an oversized 11 x 17 format. With the newly engraved cue is also orchestrator Henry Brant’s original handwritten orchestration for study comparison. Henry Brant is the author of Textures and Timbres: An Orchestrator’s Handbook and scoring techniques covered in his book are heard in the orchestrations.

Separate video instruction on selected cues focusing on orchestration and composition releases the week of October 13, 2014.

To promote the series, a newly designed movie poster alluding to the scene for which Bones was written has been created by Caroline J. Alexander and can be downloaded for free at the Alexander site.

Alex North’s instrumentation for Bones/Main Title is a true Hollywood balls-to-the-wall epic orchestral sound for full string section, 4 flutes, 4 clarinets, 4 oboes, 2 bassoons, 2 contrabassoons, 4 French horns, 6 trumpets, 4 tenor trombones, 2 Euphoniums, 2 Tubas, 2 Timpanists (2 sets of timpani), crash cymbals, 2 different Organs, and 2 Harps.

The first of two video lectures on Bones/Main Title focuses on orchestration, composition, vertical registration and dynamic equivalents. “Though Bones/Main Title is short at a 1:34, what you come away with is titanic,” said Peter Alexander, General Editor of the Alex North Film Scoring Series and teacher on the Alex North video lectures.

The second video in the series, releasing in November, focuses entirely on harmony. “Those with a jazz harmony background will get lots out of the upcoming harmony video on Bones,” Alexander said.

For those not familiar with the 2001 score, the North family has permitted the original mono recording of Bones/Main Title, conducted by Henry Brant, to be posted at the Alexander Publishing web site.

All of the originally recorded cues for 2001 can be heard at Alex North 2001 at no charge to the listener. A concert of Alex North cues can be heard at the new Alex North Film Scoring YouTube channel.

A more recent recording can be found on iTunes conducted by Jerry Goldsmith on the Varese Sarabande label, where each re-recorded 2001 cue can be downloaded individually.