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As hip as today’s spy music might get with techno rhythms and rock guitars, any composer worth their salt knows that the gold scoring standard remains with Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and the jazzily debonair music bestowed upon its most famously-numbered agent by John Barry. Whether it’s David Arnold and Tom Newman paying it official 007 homage, or even Edward Shearmur and Ilan Eshkeri making you take “Johnny English’s” spy cred seriously, you’re sure to hear those big brass horns, lush strings and charge-ahead, manly themes capturing operatives who can take down a secret villain’s base while never letting their Savile Row tailor down.

Now John Barry’s spirit gets resurrected like never before with positively smashing elegance by the team of Henry Jackman and Matthew Margeson for “Kingsman: The Secret Service.” Every trick in the classic “Thunderball” music book gets played here, and then some, from cool espionage vibes to heroically roaring trumpets and dynamic orchestral excitement, as steadfastly propelled by a theme as patriotic as a Union Jack. This is the music of a suave agent, as teamed with the upstart electric rhythms and electric guitar attitude of a hooligan who has the stuff of greatness in him – if only Harry Hart can whip “Eggsy Unwin and a team of young punks into shape in time to take on the megalomaniacal Richmond Valentine from turning civilization into a lethal mosh pit.

It’s a musical teaming between edginess and sophistication that’s dynamically played by Henry Jackman and Matthew Margeson in their second official score after “Kick-Ass 2” – a movie not so coincidentally about brash youngsters getting themselves into heaps of neo super-heroic trouble. Indeed, you might call Margeson Robin to Jackman’s Batman as he’s capably arranged and writing additional music for Jackman since that composer’s 2009 breakout score of “Monsters vs. Aliens” – a comic book progression that’s included “Kick-Ass,” “”X-Men: First Class” and “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” as both men carved solo scoring careers. But it’s re-teaming with the “Kick-Ass” moviemaking team that’s really brought out the brass balls like never before from Jackman and Margeson with some of their most wonderfully rocking, testosterone-filled score yet. “The Kingsman” truly speaks to both the Bond and Xbox music generations with equal, exhilarating excitement as it makes retro spy scoring sing with rockingly fresh excitement through one rip-roaring action cue after the other – an introduction into the Bond boys club like none other.

Now, on a new edition of “On the Score,” Henry Jackman and Matthew Margeson reveal their oldest, and newest instrumental tricks to an arsenal of comic book movie scoring that only continues to grow with explosive excitement, all while Jackman talks about his seriously twisted spy music for taking on the real evil of Kim Jong-Un with his finally released score for “The Interview.”

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