Composer Census Group Announces over 3,000 Downloads of 2011 Film & TV Composer Census

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The Composer Census Group has announced that downloads of the 2011 Film & Television Composer Census have exceeded 3,000.
“We’re very pleased to have hit this milestone of downloads,” said Mark Holden, coordinator of the 40 research volunteers that produced the census. “Of course, we’d like to maximize the further dissemination of this unique publication.”
The historical significance of the composer census is unprecedented, as the correlated information has never before been available in public forum to composers, songwriters, publishers, and agents.
Holden acknowledges the extraordinary support from members of the composer community that enabled the census research, production, and release. “It was a vast amount of meticulous work,” he recalls. “A number of volunteers worked steadfastly over the course of an entire year. Out of 54,000 lines of data entry, we received only 62 requests for corrections or modifications. That’s quite a testament to the degree of accuracy achieved by our people.”
The 2011 Film & Television Composer Census covers American network television, national basic cable, premium cable, and nationally syndicated programming. The data identifies the composers and songwriters associated with feature films, made for television movies, short subjects, documentaries, game shows, talk shows, news and strip shows, as well as all forms of episodic TV.
The census is distributed free of charge by Film Music magazine, and is available in PDF format at

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