Composer Joel Goodman Launches Urgent Signature Drive After Being Rejected By ASCAP For Board of Directors Election Ballot

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After having been rejected last week by ASCAP’s Nominating Committee, veteran NY film/TV composer Joel Goodman has announced an urgent signature drive in an effort to earn a position on the ASCAP Board of Directors election ballot. 1,792 signatures on petitions must be received by December 27 in order to meet ASCAP’s tight deadline.
ASCAP members who support Joel Goodman are urged to visit and follow the directions to download, sign and return the petition as soon as possible.
The controversial move by ASCAP’s appointed Nominating Committee to deny Goodman a position on the ballot comes months after Goodman had announced his intent to run for the ASCAP Board and earned widespread industry support, and highlights what many believe to be glaring problems with ASCAP’s election policy, where a small appointed group working in secret handpicks “opponents” for the election – opponents who, since 2001, have always been defeated unless an incumbent ASCAP Board member dies or chooses not to run. Goodman says ASCAP has declined to provide a reason why his request was rejected.
Goodman has now turned to the signature provision of ASCAP’s election rules, which allows a candidate to be placed on the ballot if he or she presents petitions from 1,792 voting writer members of ASCAP. The signature requirement had been 25 signatures for decades until the ASCAP Board created language in 2001 that dramatically increased it. Since then, not a single ASCAP member has been able to qualify for the ballot via the signature process.
Goodman is a full-time composer, having written music for over 100 films (4 of which received Oscar nominations), and winning 10 Emmy awards with over 20 Emmy nominations. He also works as a producer for Chesky Records, founded a music licensing and publishing company, and is on the Board of Directors of the Production Music Association.
Film Music Magazine publisher Mark Northam said, “Joel Goodman has great ideas for ASCAP, and is a strong advocate for both composers and composer interests. I and many others believe he would make an excellent addition to the ASCAP Board of Directors. ASCAP members deserve the opportunity to learn about and vote for Joel Goodman.”
In comments on Goodman’s website, several high-profile industry veterans voiced strong support for Goodman’s candidacy:
“I have known Joel for many years and have served with him on the Production Music Association Board of Directors. I have found him to be a “voice of reason” in this crazy music business in which we all work! I would highly encourage all ASCAP members to vote for Joel to be elected to the ASCAP BOD. Joel will work diligently to ensure that all members are treated fairly and equitably!”
Randy Thornton, CEO, Warner Chappell Production Music
“Joel is an incredibly talented composer who I’ve known for a very long time. But he is also a tremendously smart and savvy business man who knows how the industry is shifting, and how we are all at risk of seeing our livelihoods threatened. Joel knows the scoring world, the production music world, the record world, and the new media world. He sees the big picture, and has my full support.”
Jeff Rona, Film & TV Composer
“I have known Joel for many years. Joel is extremely smart and knowledgeable about all of the issues facing composers in today’s ever-changing world. He has the ability to get to the essence of an issue, create a plan, and most importantly… implement it. Joel is a dedicated advocate for composers and music songwriters. I believe all music creators would greatly benefit by Joel Goodman’s election to the ASCAP Board of Directors.”
David Schwartz, Film & TV Composer
“I strongly endorse Joel’s bid for the ASCAP board. Joel is well-versed in the issues and challenges facing our industry and he is a tireless, well-spoken advocate for protecting copyright and upholding the value of music.”
Ron Mendelsohn, President and CEO, Megatrax Production Music
To sign Goodman’s petition, visit and download and print out, and sign the petition including your ASCAP Member number. There are complete directions for returning the petition by mail and email on the website.

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