“Get Your Song On” and Launch Your Music Career at Reelcause, Inc.

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Thousands of indie and emerging artists gear up for the quintessential   music contest of 2015. 

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL., June 29, 2015​ —​ ​ Reelcause, Inc. (OTC:RCIT) (“Reelcause”) and music optimization pioneer Fliktrax Music proudly announce the launch of “Get Your Song On” talent search competition.     Both trailblazers in their respective industries, Reelcause and Fliktrax Music are breaking through the barriers musicians often encounter when trying to launch their career. As a proven revenue generation machine, raising thousands of dollars for a vast number of foundations and entrepreneurs, Reelcause is the ideal platform for the Fliktrax-fueled talent search.    
Reelcause CEO, Michael Jacobson talks about this seminal contest with enthusiasm. “‘Get Your Song On’ will create stars and raise money for charitable organizations every quarter. We are thrilled to provide an incredible opportunity for a lyricist, singer, musician or band to become recognized around the world.”    
“In addition to the cash awards, top talent will get VIP treatment from Fliktrax, which includes a premier placement and VIP exposure on the Omnicom Music Library , one of the world’s largest music placement agencies,” he continues. “The winner’s music could become the theme for a major commercial or background music for an international film. There has never been an opportunity like this and it benefits cancer research. The artists and the cancer researchers are the real winners of this showcase.”    
The showcase kicks off on Monday, July 27 and runs through September 25, 2015. Reelcause has made entering and voting for your favorite artist easy:   
● Artists create an account and upload original music video tracks to: https://reelcause.com/get-your-song-on/​ .
● Videos are shared to fan bases, social networks and beyond by the musician in order to gain votes for the music video.
● A portion of the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society and the Women’s Cancer Research Fund.
● Winners and runners up will be chosen based on the number of votes and announced after the contest concludes. Independent judges will also identify trendsetters who will also receive VIP Treatment on the Omnicom Music Library from Fliktrax.  
Patrick Finnegan, Fliktrax CEO details what grand prize winners may experience. “VIP treatment from Fliktrax Music includes promotion to World Wide Ad Agencies on the prestigious Omnicom Music Platform, a coveted ‘Featured Artist’ spot on Fliktrax.com​, video and audio highlights on all social media outlets, as well as a premium position for Fliktrax’s vast client list.” Fliktrax Music has recently placed music in ads through top shelf companies like Microsoft, Coca Cola, American Express and more.     Ultimately, “Get Your Song On” provides an avenue for the untapped music market. “We are looking for that original talent and music that transcends what the mainstream industry has ignored,” says Gina Ragusa, director of communications for Reelcause. “‘Get your Song On’ allows artists who have been toiling in their basement or pouring their hearts out on local stages to finally be recognized and have their music heard by the masses and major companies.”   
About Reelcause, Inc.   
Reelcause (https://reelcause.com) is a groundbreaking, leading-edge program dedicated to a smarter way to generate revenue and donations. Beyond social networking for fundraising, Reelcause provides members with significant revenue opportunities, while providing a tangible rewards platform to an endless number of personal networks. Revenue channel users are also afforded unparalleled opportunities to partner with other organizations to collaboratively reach goals and fundraise to achieve the greater good. Your creativity and dreams are continuously rewarded through the Reelcause dynamic PeopleSourcing © network.
About Fliktrax Music    
Fliktrax Music is a highly optimized online outlet where independent musicians share their music with a broader audience. The Fliktrax team is comprised of professional touring musicians, trained studio engineers, industry respected media composers, and ethnomusicologists who understand that sometimes music is a piece in a much larger puzzle. Our painstaking “meta-tagging” process helps to describe each and every track with exacting detail to make your search quick and accurate. Unlike other music library services that accept any and all submissions, we listen to each in full and only accept what we consider to be the highest quality artists and audio available. Discover the difference today at http://www.fliktrax.com/index.php/​ .    
Media Contact:
Gina Ragusa, Director of Communications
Reelcause, Inc.
phone: 954-612-2821
Patrick Finnegan, CEO 
Fliktrax, LLC 
phone: 201-390-3182