L.A. Scoring Strings Lite Now Available For Digital Download

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Los Angeles, July 22, 2010. At approximately 7:10PM Pacific Daylight Time, Andrew Keresztes’ company Audiobro, became the first American company to make available for digital download two comprehensive string libraries, L. A. Scoring Strings Lite and L.A. Scoring Strings First Chair Solo Strings.
L.A. Scoring Strings “Lite” contains full section patches, but not the divisi ensemble patches nor the first chair solo strings. LASS Lite work have the same patch functionality as the full version including the ART and Auto Arranger scripts, plus all the remaining scripts that come with the full version. LASS Lite also has the LASS legato sound and short articulations.
L.A. Scoring Strings First Chairs are the solo strings recorded in the same stage position as the full library.
Audiobro has set up a dollar-for-dollar upgrade path to the full library L. A. Scoring Strings Library.
Both libraries are downloadable in Kontakt 4.1 format using the new Native Instruments NCW loss-less compression format that saves both hard disk space and reduces download times.


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