Academic and Administrative Policies

Film Music Institute – Academic and Administrative Policies

The Film Music Institute (FMI), a division of Migration Resources, is pleased to provide detailed policies for student reference for a variety of areas including academic, financial and technical. If you have any questions about these policies or our professional education programs, please contact us at

Cancellations and Refunds

Cancellations or Postponements by Learners – Live Online Seminars and Live Courses

Cancellations or requests for postponement by learners for live online workshops and live courses must be made by email and sent to and are subject to the following refund/postponement policy:

Live Webinars and Live Courses: Learner cancellations received by FMI at least 3 working days in advance of the scheduled course or workshop are entitled to receive a 100% refund. Learner cancellations received less than 3 working days in advance of the scheduled live course of webinar are entitled to credit towards a future online course, live course or live online workshops, capacity permitting.

Cancellations by FMI

If FMI is forced to postpone or cancel any of our courses, we will offer an immediate and full refund to all learners who have enrolled and paid for the course. We may also offer the alternative of enrolment in a similar or higher valued course should the learner choose that option.

All payments by learners in advance of a course activity are retained in a separate account to provide for refunds. Payments for a course activity are transferred to our operating

Learning and Assessment

FMI endeavours to provide a positive, productive, enjoyable and constructive learning experience for all learners in our courses.

For our live courses, we work with the course venues to make sure that all applicable occupational health and safety regulations are observed including advising learners of appropriate exits and facilities, assisting attendees with any medical needs that may arise during the courses, and ensuring that the course venues provided are clean, safe, and comfortable.

For our live online workshops and online courses, we use industry leading online technology to deliver the workshops and online courses, and will work with learners who may encounter any difficulties listening to or view the courses or workshops. Should a technical problem prevent a learner from properly participating in a live workshop or online course, we will offer a full or partial refund depending on the nature and extent of the technical problem.

Unless specifically advised as group or team assessments or projects or otherwise instructed, all assessment tasks are intended to be undertaken by learners individually and without sharing information, questions or answers with other learners. Sharing of answers or related information prior to the completion of an assessment constitutes plagiarism and may be grounds for denying credit for the assessment to the learner(s) at the discretion of FMI.

All learners, instructors and FMI staff will work in a safe environment that is free from discrimination, harassment, bullying or any other manner that is not respectful and professional. FMI observes all laws regarding workplace harassment, anti-discrimination, bullying and safety and will not tolerate any behaviour by staff, learners or instructors that is not in accordance with the letter and spirit of these regulations. Any disrespectful behaviour that may intimidate, embarrass, or otherwise be seen as offensive or inappropriate will constitute grounds for dismissal from a course and appropriate disciplinary action.

Any learners who have questions or issues regarding learning and assessments at FMI should contact FMI at


FMI endeavours to provide an enjoyable, practical and professional learning experience for all learners and instructors. If for any reason you are not satisfied with any aspect of your FMI course, please advise us by email at and include your name and contact information so that we can reply or respond to your inquiry. We will to respond to all complaints, inquiries or other communications within 2 working days.

Our Personnel

Our instructors are qualified professionals who are highly knowledgeable about the topic(s) they present to learners as part of our courses. Contact information for learners to contact instructors with questions is provided within each course.

Our administrative staff are committed to assisting learners and instructors with any administrative aspect of our courses including enrolment information and processes, payments and refunds, and working with learners to address any issues or questions that may come up before, during or after a course.