Score No-No’s, Episode 3

I’ve been asked on occasion from what sources I derive my column fodder. Some is the result of reader inquiry (keep it up; I can’t always intuit what you need…). Some is from polling my colleagues, and some is simply the result of going through my musical life with my eyes (and my interest) open. When I was learning my craft (still am) I did this with the sheet music I read from high school on. When I began work as a copyist, I studied the orchestrational techniques that were laid out for me like a feast before a barbarian. When it comes to learning orchestration and notation, there’s no substitute for hand-copying scores. The pace forces you to drink in the wisdom staring you in the face. Thank God Mendelssohn didn’t have notation software, as he would have missed the fundamental enlightenment that he got from hand-copying Bach scores. Here are some random issues which have recently called attention to themselves:

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