Last month’s historic meeting of the AFM President Tom Lee, AFM Local 47’s John Acosta and the New Era Scoring buyout reps in Los Angeles proved a very important point: once all the heated rhetoric, anonymous blog sniping and election fodder is removed from the AFM situation, there definitely is room for professionals to talk. And talk they did.

Lee was attacked mercilessly over the last three months during the run-up to the AFM election by forces closely aligned with AFM Local 47 here in Los Angeles. Make no mistake: they wanted Lee’s head on a pike (professionally speaking, of course) and they spent a lot of time and money trying to make that happen.

At the event, Tom Lee, John Acosta, and NES reps Greg Townley and Yoav Goren participated in 90 minutes of open Q&A from the audience after the prepared questions were answered. All were professional, polished, and willing to talk and work with all parties concerned to help shape the path ahead.

In the end, Lee learned a lot about the NES reps, and the NES reps learned a lot about Lee and the AFM. They talked, together and to the audience, and they answered questions. And in the end, with the bitter personal politics removed, there was progress. The issues were too important and these gentlemen too professional to allow petty personal politics to interfere with an honest, open, necessary forum. It reminds me of a favorite quote from pianist Chick Corea, who was quoting L. Ron Hubbard: “When in doubt, communicate.”